Sunday, June 7, 2009

Lets leave Islam alone

In last couple of days the cross section of media has been obsessed with President Barrack Hussein Obama's appeasement of the Muslim world. What is all this about the western worlds pre-occupation with muslim's and the nations governed by them.? It is rather surprising, I have never heard of western world reaching out to the Hindus or the Buddhist or addressing their followers in the similar fashion.So, why muslims now? Is it because of the fact that rather late in the day, the so called civilized western world has woken upto the fact that the Frankenstein they created in form of muslim jihadis is getting better of them? Or is it because, most mulim nations in the world have the control of the most precious commodity in the world today; OIL?

Islam like most religions practised today in the world has its fair share of rights and wrongs. Of course, it does come across as radical, unbending and barbaric when compared with others. But were any of the Islamic nations involved in the first 2 world wars? The answer is no, has anybody wondered why? Because, their oil reserves were still waiting to be tapped then.

I was born and raised a Hindu. For as long as I can remember, I was a radical rightist, a RSS sympathiser. I believed that Muslims were responsible for all the evils and wrong doings on this earth. I had to learn to live and deal with this neccessary evil. That was until a revelation dawned upon me in form of a friend called Munib. Munib is a devout and pious Muslim; never once in my interactions with him and others those that I met through him, over the last ten years have I felt that I was in the company of the barbarians. Infac,t I am amazed by the feeling of brotherhood and common social cause that bonds all of us togather, irrespective of our religious beliefs.

I realized that the problem was not with Islam per se, but with the medieval arabic traditions and cultures that have slowly but, surely seeped into the religion. Most customs and traditions that muslims around the world today follow have no mention in the Holy Quran e.g. Naqaab or Purdah system or for that matter the form of attire or appearence. All this has been imported from Haddith, that documents the Prophets life and is blindly aped by the practioners of the faith. Such blind moorings are not uncommon to other faiths. Hindus, Christians and Jews each have their fair share of frozen-in-time mind set too. It is just that the followers of Islam have been more obvious and blatant and their acts have caught the media's attention.

Hence, I would sincerely request honorable President Obama to leave muslim's alone to deal with their issues and resolve it in the best possible way that they can. A lot of harm has already been done in the quest for global supremacy and the US has had to pay its price for been too nosey and interfering. Appeasement only furthers the Islamic worlds claim that every ill that befell upon them was US doing.

Even if it is so, then it is wee too late for the US to dress the Islamic wound. Its best to let time do the healing and make a resolve that no further injury is inflicted to aggrevate this disease.

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