Sunday, June 7, 2009


A couple of months ago there was this video doing rounds of networking sites such as Orkut and Facebook. I found it rather peculiar and funny.

Instead of espousing Islamic cause; which I suppose the original intentions of the maker of the video were, the video ended up mocking at islamic practises and rituals. I dont understand why the stereotypes associated with Arabs was linked to Islam? Why the anchor had to time and again reiterate how not arabic he was? Is being Arab so degrading and deplorable? Does one need to make a mockery and distance one self from ones culture just so that you are accepted by so called civilized western world? Does washing your hands and feet in public restroom make a religious statement?

From the response to this post it was very obvious and clear that this video was a big hit amongst the so called educated and civilized Muslims. They thought this video absolved them from being projected as a stereotype. This clearly shows how insecured the new breed of Islam's followers are about their own faith. They want best of both the worlds; the material success of the Western world and the religious insularity that their faith affords. The founder of Islam Prophet Mohammed (P.B.U.H.) surely did not have this in mind when he set out to propogate the word of god as revealed to him. He wanted the disparate arab clans to come under one umbrella of common faith and practise.

I am sure he didn't do a thing or act in a way so that his philoshophy stood out or thumbed nose at practioners of other faith. Islam was suppose to be amalgamative all absorbing and elevating. Not crude, in your face and insular as it is practised today. I know most Muslims dont like been advised by people who do not profess to their faith and even from within that, those who dont subscribe to their particular form of practise.

Islam which means peace, purity, submission and obedience is amongst the most abused words today and all this can be attributed to some of its followers who have brought disrepute and ill name to this otherwise most pious and elevating philoshopies ever known to mankind.

This video rather then having furthered the Islamic cause has made it a butt of joke and ridicule for westerners to scoff and laugh at. It is high time Muslim's gel with the rest and realise and try to understand philoshopies and concepts that are diverse from theirs. Keep an open mind and try to imbibe best that other faiths have to offer.

Beyond just praying five times a day and going on a month long fast, there are many more unaccompalished duties that they need to observe. And the most primary amongst them is to respect diversity in the society and accept that GOD did not create all of us out of one big mould. Everyone of the soul on this earth is custom made to fit and gel with the rest.