Friday, July 31, 2009


I am sure, I wont be the only one holding my mouth wide open in sheer amazement, everyone who sees this video replete with dazzling feats, will be watching with their mouth agape. The sheer energy and spirit of this relatively unknown (till today) acrobat speaks of amazing wealth of talent lying hidden inside Indian rural dwellings; far far away from the comforts of our urban confinement.

These talents hardly ever get any exposure nor are their achievements highlighted in Indian media. Its high time that if the fruits of globalization has to reach the interiors of India, the pop TV talent hunters should go out there and explore for our very own next ingenious SPIDERMAN, BATMAN or maybe even HANUMAN and assist them in exhibiting their talents to the world at large.

Only then will it be possible to say, India Shining.

Watch this footage and enjoy and also please spare some thought and look beyond.