Monday, August 10, 2009

HEALTHY way out

The ongoing debates in the several sections of the American society about the pros-n-cons of President Obama's health care bill, have raised hackles of the insurance sector. They who've had free run this far, are scared that their mindless money making charades will grind to complete stand-still if this bill is passed. Thus, they resort to using ruffians and thugs to ambush town-hall meetings and raise a spectre.

This uncivilized way of getting paid bullies to vocalize and espouse their cause ain't serving its purpose in fact, this very act (that surely seems to have been sponsored) by the insurance lobby substantiates doubts about their credibility and integrity to serve the people. It just shows that their higher-ups have been milking bonuses and lavish perks thus-far by sucking blood of gullible and innocent insurance paying Americans.

But, there is another side to this story. The growth of private insurance sector has also enabled US to develop break through technologies in field of medicine and health-care. Without doubt it can be assessed that, due to active fiscal involvement of its insurance sector, today US is so far ahead of the rest of the world in innovation in health-care services. So, the challenge for President Obama lies in finding a right balance between the right and left and treading the middle-path.

Just forcing the bill through just because he has filibuster proof majority in both houses and pushing for reforms purely based on ideology will be akin to committing harakiri. A deep thought will have to go into correcting this age old practises, trying to achieve anything overnight will be anything but, fruitful.

It has been observed that in countries where Public Insurance is provided the quality of health-care infrastructre is not as updated and extensive as in those that have private insurance. Also it has to be noted that most countries with public health isurance do not have population, the size of US. It has also been observed that for obvious reasons the Private Insurance sector fosters constant need for innovation and upgradation of medical and health-care services.

So, before forcing the bill all these reasonings will have to be factored in and a middle path arrived at so that the leadership in technological advancement is not lost upon us in the blind haste.

Amen! May wisdom and reasoning prevail.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Way to LEAD

The past few weeks have kept mediamen from across the nation and the world at large, busy with the Prof. Gates v/s Sgt. Crowley episode.

Either side is justified in the way they reacted to the situation. Sgt. Crowley was justified in upholding Prof. Gates, while Prof. Gates was justified in raising protest. The only thing I found distasteful was the way race was dragged into the issue. So, much so that the usually composed and erudite President Obama, committed a faux pas in letting an inane comment give his tongue a slip, and make it audible to all and sundry who did or did not matter (read: media).

Media I think played its usual role of seizing the opportune and airing those comments over and over again. Come on guys, give the President some space, he is as human as you and me, why ostracize him over a comment thats part of all of ours daily lexicon.

I am not ashamed to admit that, President Obama with his conduct and diligent approach of last 7 months has not only managed to change my opinion about him, from skepticism to awe, but, his handling of this Race issue has had me idolize him like never before. I think President Obama has all the makings for being, the greatest the leader of all times.

I sincerely wish the leaders from around the world take a lesson or two from President Obama's book of resolving contentious issues like race and religion and employ them in their domain. Especially, our Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh can use this to get the disparate ideologues from within and outside his government to come together over tea/coffee (I dont propogate nor advise meeting over alcohol, as all sanity is lost) and chart out a course of action for the nations good.

I am sure President Obama's dealings and actions up untill today have enthralled and awed us all. Hope as he enters into the 48th year of his life, he will have more words of wisdom and act of faith to show and offer for the future generations to emulate.


May the almighty lord up in the heavens, shower upon you the choicest of his blessings.