Saturday, October 4, 2014

GrubHound Prowls

Back while I was in India, the first time, between 1998-2000 and then again, for a brief period of time in 2004, I doubled up as a food writer and restaurant critic for one of it's leading English Newspapers, the Times Of India. 

During that time, I covered over 57 restaurants spanning 8 different type of World Cuisines. From Chinese to Lebanese and, from Italian to humble curb-side Indian I covered it all. I used to travel every nook and cranny in search of good food. In most instances I was led by my instinct and of course, by my nose. 

Here are clippings from some of the more interesting ones I covered on that journey. Remember my newspaper gig predates wide use of internet in that part of the World. That was the period when Ink on Paper still reigned supreme so, you won't find any hyperlinks, just plain old fashioned newspaper clippings scanned and uploaded as a testimony of all the exciting times I've had as a gastronome. 

Therefore, you will have to kindly excuse me for blurry and botched up images. They are courtesy my 2 generations old Printer scanner ;)