Sunday, May 15, 2011

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Will US stand United

I like Red, I like Blue, I like everyone who can stay true. Now I know that is rather (c)rappy way to begin a new blog. One which has come after a long, long interval. Last couple of months I was completely immersed in giving my undivided attention to ma new baby, the baby is none other than a landmark in online entertainment.

After lot of debating and arguing me and my brilliant team of creative geniuses finally agreed upon this name and got down to doing basics, Producing Entertainment the kind that will make you loose you jaw and teeth laughing.

Anyways, let us leave my baby and baby sitters alone and let us all concentrate on things that cannot be laughed off. The grid lock in US government, the fight between Right and the left. As we know there is nothing Left in the Right and there is nothing Right about the Left so what do you we get a liberal dose of Palinisque extremism with extreme conservatism of Pelosism.In short, we have a grid lock fellas where all decisions will be prolonged and discussions will be anything but, pleasant.

If left wants to do right, the right wont allow it to do and, if the Reds wants the Right of the way the Blues will see to it that they have nothing Left to do. Who pays for all this, us the taxpaying US citizens and residents (alien or not). Is this grid lock good; come on was the gridlock ever good?

Now my solution to this age old problem between left and right is come on guys, take a chill pill and log on to fooblik. On Serious note they should because, that is the only way they can see how they make Elephant out of an ant and end up looking like donkeys themself.

Keep Foobliking