Sunday, June 7, 2009


Last week myself and Lucky (Lakshmi) went out for all out Vegan dinner with our musician friend Ben Perkins his opera singer wife Laurie Styran, filmmaker couple Michael Dunne and Sussan Muirhead to this comfy little place called Chicago Diner on N. Halsted a few blocks north from where we live.

It was helluva experience. For once I was almost sold out on the vegan way of living. But, come morning, I was back to my usual self, I walloped 4 boiled eggs and turkey breast s/w for my break fast.

Ben and Laurie are avowed Vegan and religiouly promote vegan lifestyle and over the years have managed to convince most of their friends to convert to it. I am sure, I am next on their hit list. Though born to a strictly vegetarian mother, I am a serious meat-eatarean espousing meat culture to all and sundry. I just cant come to think of giving up meat even for a day leave alone for rest of my life. Yet, I kinda enjoyed the meal and the discussions that involved all us for rest of the evening.

Michael has just finished his final draft for an horror flick and is busy sourcing buyers for his creation. Sussan is into initial stages of scrpting her magnum opus. Ben is busy fine tuning his rudra veena and sur bahar while Laurie is busy with her non-profit fund raising project. That leaves two of us Lucky and me doing nothing, completely wasted and idle.

So, I do exactly as an idle mind would; deconstruct and dissect the world and form my own views and opinions regardless of the fact that, I am my only follower. Lucky does peep in for a quicky once in a while but, for most times she leaves me alone; to unearth an Aristotle, a Pluto or a George Bernard Shaw in me.

I revel in the isolation as it leaves me to explore and tune into my true calling. I am not exactly a loner but, then there are times I like been left alone. And now is that time, I need to build a solid defense against Ben & Lauries vegan onslaught. I need to brace myself for a long and hard vegan v/s meat battle ahead.

Reluctantly though, I would like to confess that I truly enjoyed the Radical Reuben and the wonderful Soy thick-shake, as that would give them sufficient reason and purpose to further espouse their cause. I have to be vigilent always on gaurd lest they launch a surprise attack.

So, now is the time for me to bring to life the genius of Aristotle, Pluto and Shaw that lie buried in me and offer a valid argument that will withstand their vegan blitzkreig.


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